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Are you open to natural solutions for you and your families health care? I would love to offer you a free 30 min. class! I will cover the basics here for you in your health consultation, help you understand how to use these powerful tools to provide effective solutions to your everyday health needs and preventative care. Send me a quick message and we will connect!

photo: Christin Hume Photography

photo: Christin Hume Photography

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Start your wellness journey today.

Start your wellness journey today.


doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world, because of their ability to raise the bar for essential oil quality, creating a standard of testing called CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). They provide the purest and most potent essential oils for health benefits. doTERRA’s heartbeat is to provide the purest essential oils in the world for families and individuals just like you, whilst giving back to those small scale growers, their communities and economies to thrive with continued education and resources to alleviate poverty and empower their livelihoods.

Check out to see our partnerships with the small-scale farmers, distillers, scientists and practitioners. 

For more information on doTERRA's partnerships with the health care industry, click here

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I would love to help you get started using these amazing gifts of the earth in your home! If you have not yet set up an appointment for your health consultation, click here. If you are ready to get started, here are the steps!

Purchase your oils at wholesale pricing and save 25% for a full year! There are no monthly fees, or requirements. You will have access to all of my support and education! Simply pick the kit you want from the Starter Kit Options then click below to get started!


You have the option to purchase at retail directly from my site. There you will have to pay the full retail price and will not get the same wholesale membership benefits. If this is the route you decide to go, click below to purchase retail pricing. You can always upgrade your account to wholesale anytime!